How do Domains Work in the M-Theory?


Location, Location, Location – Possibly the most important part of your digital journey is securing the correct domain name or domain name libraries. Domains, or website addresses (Location – get it?) can be made up by your company’s full name, your brands, products and services as keywords (sometimes including your location). These NEW Internet addresses, with locations attached, will help you get great localised search results, see more below…

New Domains for our South African clients are FINALLY here…


Our new generic top level domains (gTLD’s) are ready to order!!! Finally a domain space where we can find our relevant domains (for the words we lost out on with the .CO.ZA launch – a lot of your IT staff are going YEHAA!!!), but also a dedicated CITY web address to rival .CO.ZA. in South African search results driven by your SEO campaign!!! This domain name release will assist your website in featuring favourably under localised search results (as the suffix is location-based - i.e. dot CAPETOWN or dot JOBURG), as well as offer multiple opportunities to find the domains of YOUR CHOICE!!!


What is a domain name?


The domain name is tech jargon for a website address. Our website address is (By the way, www stands for World Wide Web!!) Domains are necessary as they open your website through the internet, much like a digital key address code for your cyber-shop.

When were the FIRST South African domains released?


Internet history was created on 4 June 1993 when the .CO.ZA domains (and Zone file – jargon for where the domains are), were first created and they were available to be purchased shortly after that.

How do I register a domain name?


M- People, your Ultra-Service Officer will advise and offer all the relevant and justifiable options of usage and domain rental. You can also talk to us in the chat box below or fill in our form below to request domain services…

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