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Ways in Which SEO Improves Business Online


SEO marketing is the way and technique in which companies draw the attention of users online. So, what is SEO and why is it so necessary in digital marketing services? Read on to find out:

Serves to Direct an Increased Amount of Traffic to Your Website: SEO marketing serves to increase traffic towards the targeted websites. Whenever we type a term in the Google slot and press ‘search’, a host of results turn up. Of those, our eyes first travel to the result that comes out at the top. As is natural, the positions on the search engine result pages receive the majority of the views, i.e. clicks. Therefore, it is clear that having the top rank serves to garner more attention from web surfers. This is the key function of SEO. Alongside garnering votes for article through content writing, it also focuses on creating titles and meta-descriptions of pages which are relevant to the page as well as keyword-friendly.

It is Cost Effective: SEO is economical. It is much more time effective and low on costs in comparison with cold calling techniques. Since it targets users who are already searching online for a specific kind of product, you don’t have to solicit customers by means of e-mail or phone.

Guaranteed Return of Investment: Another huge advantage of SEO is that it results in guaranteeing an increase of your business, regardless of whether it’s an e-commerce or non-e-commerce website. Agencies that specialise in SEO are usually enabled to track the results of their work and strategies, such as rank upping, the total amount of web traffic etc. Most of the time, they are able to gauge the demographic details of people that have visited the particular website, such as the age group, nationality and time of logging on.
In the case of sites which carry out internet commerce or e-commerce, the SEO agencies can gauge the exact ways in which a client of that company would prefer to carry out the purchase. They can fish out an amazing quantity of detail, right down to the precise keyword the concerned user had used to search for the company.

Creating Awareness about the Brand: If a company’s website ranks at or near the top, that gets them more views from potential customers. Simultaneously, it helps to build up a brand. Having the company’s name turn up in the list of results for certain specific keywords, helps people associate the company’s name with that bunch of keywords. It also helps to build an air of trustworthiness around the company. The higher the rank of the company name, the better the chance it has to attract clients/customers.

Improves the Structure and Content of a Website: SEO not only makes your site much easier to find, but it also increases the navigability of your website. SEO, in fact, does everything in its power to help a client or customer navigate through the pages and find the requisite information with ease. They re-work the structure of the site, arrange its content, and provide links to pinpoint important information in an organised, visible manner. Due to all this mega clarity, it becomes easier for Google’s Spiders to find your website.

Ways to Sell Your Business Online


Running a business was never easy, though the process has gotten somewhat smooth with the embarking of the digital age. Below are described some of the most sure-shot ways to attract customers to your business, through the internet.

1. Make Liberal Use of SEO
SEO is basically the process of researching keywords in a specific country or continent, and then using those most-used keywords to create content and description that would rank the company high on Google search result lists. It is chiefly done with the intent of making a company more visible to online people, and thus, enhancing the appeal and business of the company in question. SEO techniques not only rake in the business and money, but they also give the brand name an air of trust-worthiness. You can either do this yourself, or outsource to any SEO company in Cape Town or elsewhere in South Africa.

2. Take up Blogging Writing blogs on the subjects of interest usually help to attract more users to the site. Blogs give people a sense of participation through the ‘comment’ feature. However, apart from writing articles on just the company’s own site, one should post blogs on other famous blogging domains and sites as well. This serves to attract eyeballs in a wider space, and generates even more business. The trick is to charm viewers and then leave a link to the website at the bottom or any other easily-noticed space.

3. Do Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Marketing
Apart from SEO, the other very effective business tool online is that of PPC, or Pay-Per-Click. Essentially invented and revolutionised by Google, the technique involves inviting other traders and brands to advertise their products on your site, and ask them to pay after they’ve received clicks. Or, you could do PPC marketing yourself on a site. This is done by making use of Google AdWords for the company’s products, and finding a set of available keywords to market the products with. You can keep the spending to as little an amount as you’d wish to, for e.g., up to 10 R per click. All along strategising, your focus should be on converting the expenditure into profit. Try to choose phrases as keywords, as getting results are easier that way.

5. Post Ads on Facebook
More than a million people use Facebook every day. According to surveys, nearly a third of the world’s population is a Facebook user. Being the world’s most popular social networking site, it draws traffic from nearly every nation and every demographic. Children, teenagers, youth, middle-aged, senior citizens---of every culture, language and needs, log on to Facebook every single hour of the day (and night). Therefore, it doesn’t need to be stated separately that Facebook is a goldmine for marketing your business. And no matter what kind of ads you place on there, you can rest assured that it is going to catch the eye of some person or the other. Thus, PPC marketing via Facebook is almost an indispensable part of online marketing.


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