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In this box we offer positions of employment within our company, and we show off our Ultra-Service Officer BiosÖ


We have the following positions available in our business.

ē Junior Female Sales Rep - Cape Town - sliding-scale basic + good commissions.
ē Junior Web Developer - Johannesburg - proficient in HTML, CSS & Web Design.
ē Junior Web Developer - Cape Town - proficient in HTML, CSS and strong web design ability.

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Here are the bios of all your Ultra-Service Officers



Danielle Grobler : - Queen B, Jane of all trades.


I am the traffic ULTRA- SERVICE OFFICER in the Website Co-ordination department. The go-to woman for all the text content and images collection point in the build of your website at the crack of a whip!!!
I collect all of your website text content, videos and images and make sure everything is laid out on the website to your exact specifications.
All in all, I am YODA to all these young Padawans!!


Raj Waitforit Mohamed aka The FBI (Flippin Brilliant Indian)


I bet youíre wondering why Iím called the FBI, well as you see it stands for Flippin Brilliant Indian, according to my colleagues that isÖ Modesty is a strong point of mine. Anyway, this is meant to be about me, so I guess I could type paragraphs, luckily Iím limited by characters. However, I love talking about me, I have been known to be the office comedian, always have a joke up my sleeve, even when they donít want to hear one. I may be the office joker but when itís time to knuckle down, Iím there, jokes aside. I have spent the last 4 years working in this industry, although I am relatively new to SEO, my history in sales has played a massive role in the evolution of my skills in the industry. I was appointed as the New Business Officer in the beginning of 2013, and also taken the role of the Ultra Service Officer that you are most likely chatting to in the bottom right corner of this screen.


39 Blouberg Road , Tableview, Cape Town 7441
Tel: 021 556 4842
Email: ultraservice@macrocosm.capetown
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